Space Week Science Class: Let's Go to the Moon!

Join NASA Solar System Ambassador and educator Benadette Manning for a hands-on workshop all about the moon! Learn about the phases of the moon, the moon’s role in the upcoming Solar Eclipse, and space exploration missions to the moon. Ages 8+.  


Benadette Manning is a retired math teacher with nearly 30 years in Boston and Cambridge schools. She is the cofounder of Classroom Hives, a non-profit that installs beehives in K-12 schools and colleges. She is currently founding a nonprofit called Swim Freedom, which provides free swim instruction to people who cannot afford lessons and water safety instruction to any who will listen! For more information, she can be reached at In her spare time, she is a triathlete, tinkerer with microcontrollers and microprocessors, mother of four, and a grandmother of one.   

Attend a program to receive free solar eclipse glasses (while supplies last). Glasses are distributed at the conclusion of the program.  



Wednesday, April 3, 2024 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Watertown Savings Bank Room