Beginner Arduino for Programmers (via Zoom)

Learn how to get started using Arduino hardware and software. Explore the practical applications of Arduino and build several different projects! Participants are encouraged to install Arduino IDE before the class (free):

This demonstration is most helpful for beginners with some programming experience. If you don't have experience programming, please consider taking the "Beginner Arduino for Non-Programmers." However, this class is not a continuation of that class; there's little value in taking both. There is a follow-up Advanced Arduino class with more advanced topics.

Registrants will automatically have one Arduino kit reserved for them. Details for curbside pickup will be emailed after registration. If we run out of kits, we will let you know. Kits include 1 Arduino, 1 breadboard, 1 switch, 10 resistors, 2 photo-resistors, 8 jumper wires, and LED diodes.

If you plan to follow along with your own Arduino during class, the comprehensive parts list can be found here:


Registration is required for this event.
Monday, June 21, 2021 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm